Web, graphics and photography – I'm on board. Always striving to create great experiences and aesthetics.

Hey – my name is Malte, I'm 23 years old and I'm studying Communication Design at the Faculty of Design in Bielefeld, Germany.

Next to that I'm working as a frontend developer at Designbüro Freise and as a student assistant at the faculty, to redesign the site gestaltung-bielefeld.de. For personal projects and cooperations I'm working on unik.studio since november of 2016.

At this time I'm not really focusing on specializing in a specific field. I try to use the time, to try out and learn as many things I can. These days I'm mostly fascinated by web development, graphic design and photography – always attended by striving to create aesthetics. Especially corporate design, editorial design and web design are a big part of my thoughts.

Preferably I'm working on projects, which take shape step by step and follow a common theme on multiply mediums, so details are getting attention and the final product gets even better.

For possibly cooperation I've always a friendly ear, so feel free to hit me up, if you like my work and approaches.