Photo by Paul Muders ↗

It's difficult for me to define a focus. But I think that's ok – maybe it's even great.

My head is full of little ideas. Many of them are bad and some of them are like huge visions to me. To bring some of them into being I want to create aesthetics with purpose, with a focus on every detail and so I'm always interested in the required techniques. Because I wanted to be in control of the appearance on the internet, I started to learn coding websites. And that's the same for other visual forms of expression: I want to know how photos are taken, layouts are built, books are bound [imagine a list of hundreds of things] – everything which aesthetics I admire and what functions humane gets my attention and probably I begin to experiment with it.

Focussing on what's the true essence of a project, I like it to dive deeply into the topic, to build from the ground up, strongly connected to the content and meaning itself. It's great to be in control of every component, to make something worthful and timeless.

In 2016 I co-founded Unik, a collective of nowadays four curious creatives and good friends. We support each other's visions and are slowly defining projects which are meant to be realised.